In times of e-learning, you need to keep a track of your child’s digital presence, exposure and footprint.

Safe Children - Parental Control is a must have application, specifically designed for the parents needs to keep their children safe on the World Wide Web. No need to worry about your child’s excessive screen time and exposure to apps and content that are not appropriate for their age, because this application allows your e-presence with your child at all times.

The wide array of features are put together for the parents to control their child’s device usage. If you are a parent and are worried about your child being exposed to inappropriate applications, then Safe Children - Parental Control will help you stay in-charge of your child’s digital activities on their device.

Once you download Safe Children - Parental Control on your Android phone, you will notice the two different modes for Parents and for Children.

After you have added your child’s device to your Parental control account, you will be able to control your child’s activities and keep them safe.

How Safe Children - Parental Control helps Parents?

This application allows the parents to keep a check on their child’s daily activities like the applications they access, the applications they can download on their device, their total screen-time throughout the day and the location of their device at any time.

How Safe Children - Parental Control protects your children?

Using the Child mode, your children will be able to send you emergency and panic alerts at any time, which will immediately notify you about their exact location so you can reach them.

Children will have to request permissions to install and access the applications that their parents have locked on their device.

In case your children ever lose their phone or cannot find it, then you can initiate the anti-theft mode to activate the ringer on the device. Also, in case your child ever loses their phone, you can immediately delete all the content from their device by initiating a factory reset process.

Safety Features of Safe Children - Parental Control

  • PANIC ALERT: This emergency SOS button on the application home screen of your child’s device will help them in reaching you in an emergency situation. When activated, you will immediately receive the panic alert along with your child’s current location details.
  • APP CONTROL: This feature allows you to control which applications your child can use on their device. This will help you in protecting them from being exposed to indecent and inappropriate applications according to their age.
  • BLOCK APP INSTALL: If your children are too young to make wise choices for themselves, you can completely disable downloading applications on their Android device without your permission.
  • MAGIC MODE: To manage how your children use their phone, you get to control the apps they can view and use. By allowing only the required applications as per your child’s needs, you can restrict what your child sees on their device.
  • SCREEN-TIME: To make sure that between classes and recreation, you do not lose control of the screen-time appropriate for your child’s eyes, you can set the daily time limits for using their device. This feature allows you to manage the screen time of your child by controlling the timings when they can access their device.
  • ANTI-THEFT: If your child loses your phone or can’t find it, then this feature will enable the ringer on their device. In case your child's phone is lost or stolen, you can immediately restore the factory settings from your parent device that will erase all the data from your child’s phone.
  • APP TIME LIMIT: This feature allows you to control the time your child spends on a particular app. Dedicate balanced hours for educational and recreational applications for your child’s needs.
  • Web Portal: Parents can also access our web portal by logging in to your account to access daily reports, location and to request for an update of your child’s activities. Here you can also go through the detailed list of applications that you have blocked on your child’s device, their allowed screen time and the app usage time.